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Following are brief definitions best used as initial overview summaries or as quick reference following a deeper dive by way of books, courses, or application tools. Remember that we don't "use" triggers, but rather employ trigger elements in our interactions and communications in order to activate triggers in others.

  • The Friendship Trigger

    Activates trust and agreement through bonding based on sameness or similarity. A foundational emotional trigger, it strengthens the ability to activate all other triggers. 

  • The Authority Trigger

    A perception of expertise makes compliance easier and less risky. Like Friendship, a critical stand-alone trigger as well as a precursor for other triggers to be activated.

  • The Contrast Trigger

    In the brain, objective values simply don’t matter. Perceptions rule. Construct the right comparisons, in the right order, and set an adaptation level that is powerfully persuasive.

  • The Reciprocity Trigger

    The universal psychological requirement for quid-pro-quo. Every human society employs it and scientists now believe society itself exists mainly because of this principle.

  • The Reason Why Trigger

    Provide a reason for acting now, and get compliance. Why? Because the emotional brain accepts what it considers to be a valid reason, and acts.

  • The Consistency Trigger

    Biological brain flows urge us to be consistent with a mental archive of prior decisions and actions. Learn the consistencies of others, and increase your ability to persuade.

  • The Hope Trigger

    Hope is the strongest motivator of all human activity. Learn and align with what others truly hope for, and the barriers to agreement come tumbling down.




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